Aug 15, 2004

Eddie is too big for the frog's tummy. Posted by Hello

Oh Mary, get me off this giant crocodile! Posted by Hello

This is a kid serious about his water play. Posted by Hello

Look at that cute tummy. Posted by Hello

I think Will needs a smaller suit. Posted by Hello

We love the fountain. Posted by Hello

There goes Chip too! Posted by Hello

Ben is not thrilled with the whole water park scenario. Posted by Hello

Oh no, it is going to float away! Posted by Hello

A giant frog just spit out Bekah! Posted by Hello

How deep will Chip and Bekah venture out? Posted by Hello

I think they are marooned on a log island. Posted by Hello

Isn't the reason to go to the water park to eat all the junk possible? Posted by Hello

I think they are soooo cute when they are sleeping. Posted by Hello

Aug 9, 2004

Don't forget to wash behind your ears, Eddie. Posted by Hello

I think the hat is too big..... Posted by Hello

Splish Splash, Eddie was takin' a bath...... Posted by Hello

Ryane in a rickshaw. Posted by Hello

Sully really wants to come out and pose for the picture too. Posted by Hello

Smile, you are on candid camera..... Posted by Hello

Oh my, a tiny turtle. Posted by Hello

Can you say 'Cheese'? Posted by Hello

See, very tiny.... Posted by Hello

Isn't he precious? Posted by Hello

Hi Catherine... Posted by Hello