Dec 28, 2006

This year, although Halloween technically came before Christmas, I managed to post the pictures in the wrong order, (holiday-ically speaking). But since you all want pictures, I figured pictures in the wrong order would be better than no pictures at all. Enjoy! Posted by Picasa

In the sleepy zone. Being a bunny is very tiresome. Hard work hopping around and all. Posted by Picasa

"I not a giggard (lizard), I a dragon...." Posted by Picasa

"..see my dragon face?" Posted by Picasa

It is Princess Fiona. Posted by Picasa

Oh NO, a dragon has eaten Daddy! Posted by Picasa

I see a very tired dragon and an already snoozing bunny. Posted by Picasa

Shhhhh, Don't wake the bunny. Posted by Picasa
So in a very stressful hour, we managed to get Christmas photos of the kiddos. I will try to post them in sequential order, leaving out the ones that show the most frustration....mostly on the part of the 11 year old. Thanks to Papa Shuff for the photo ops and Merry Christmas to all!!!

It seemed so easy at first....smiles and happiness all around. Posted by Picasa

My two princesses...... Posted by Picasa

This has to be my favorite one.  Posted by Picasa

Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum..... Posted by Picasa

Aaaaachoooo! Posted by Picasa

.....Bless me! Posted by Picasa

Sophie wants the red one. Posted by Picasa

I see no visions of sugar plums dancing in her head.... Posted by Picasa

Starting to look a little frazzled..... Posted by Picasa

Look at the pretty bow Posted by Picasa

Oh my goodness, are we done yet? Posted by Picasa

Have train, will Pose! Posted by Picasa

Here I come with my train. (Look at the air under my shoes. I was really moving!) Posted by Picasa

So the most final product. They are mostly smiling. Whew! Posted by Picasa