Nov 11, 2007

A funny thing happened today.

My Father-in-law took two of our kittens a couple of months ago. He had the kittens neutered and declawed and they lived the life of luxury. However, being the kittens that they were, they tended to play alot when he was at work and consequently broke several different things, one of those being a very expensive camera lens. Whoops. Well, then the kittens were banished to the backyard. We were over there last weekend and he told us this sad tale. Unfortunately, one of the kittens had decided that the yard was not for him and so he moved on.
Here is the funny part.
My good friend Jessica has a new cat. A friend of her Mother-in-law's found this spectacular cat that just had to be someone's pet as it was already neutered and declawed. They just happened to find the cat wandering over in the neighborhood of my Father-in-law. They were all worried that someone had lost their dear pet. *throat clearing*

I told her she could have saved a lot of heartache if she had just taken a kitten to begin with. (however, she managed to get the better deal as the cat has already had alterations!)


Nov 10, 2007

Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday. It is easy to remember as it is on Veteran's Day. I am planning on going over to his house to help him work in his yard. I think that will be more valuable than any gift I could purchase. He works way too hard. I thought that when you retired, you were allowed to relax. He still doesn't have the hang of relaxing yet. He and my mom are both constantly on the move. I hope that when I am their age, I have at least half of the energy that they do.

I am still working on the video additions, so be patient as I am working out the kinks. I do, however, know how to add pictures. Here are a couple of the kiddos!

This is Will and Charlotte. Best Friends Forever in Arizona this past summer.

Here Is Sophie and her big, sweet eyes.

And last, but certainly not least, is Ry.

Have a great evening!

Nov 9, 2007

We were counting kitties this evening and Sophie knows how to meow. I didn't know that she knew how to do that. I am telling you, this family is full of talent! Seriously, she now says several words: Momma, Daddy, Kitty, Binky, MINE! MY!,(those she says in all caps with an exclamation mark at the end as well. They are also used in combination with any of her other vocab. words such as MY! Shoe, MY! Baby, etc.) Baby, Shoe, Sock,Pizza, Night-night, Bye-bye, Juice, Cookie. Quite an extensive vocabulary if you ask me. I hear the princess calling me now so I will talk to you later.
Just a quick rant.

The dog's owner took a flyer by my husband's business this morning about the lost pooch. In the flyer it was stated that the dog was 'suspected stolen.' *sigh*
The dad gum dog was in the middle of the highway. AND.....I called the vet in town to let them know I had FOUND a dog. No good deed goes unpunished will be my new mantra. At least they have been reunited.

By the way, the dog's name is Paris. What kind of name is that?
I guess it is the kind of name that goes with a dog that will not eat crunchy!

Nov 8, 2007

Another day in paradise.

Had a lady call about the lost/found dog. She even came over to get it, but it wasn't it. So she(the dog, not the lady,) is still here with us. She and Zoey just had a bath. At least they smell better!

This new dog seems a bit, um... shall we say, spoiled? I put out a bowl of crunchy food just like our dog eats and she kinda looked at it and then back at me as if to say, "No thanks, I do not like crunchy food."

Made brussels sprouts tonight for dinner. My favorite son ate them all up. "More green balls, Mommy, they are yummy!!!" My favorite husband promptly sealed them in tupperware and refused to taste them. "Tasted them once already, don't need to taste 'em again..."

You win some, you lose some!


Nov 7, 2007

Thought you might want to see my Train Boy again. He is such a doll.

Well, I promised I wouldn't do it again.... But there it was, in the middle of the road. If I had left it there, it would have been hit by a car.....I pulled over and called to it and it ran to me like I was its long lost mommy. *sigh* I am such a sucker. Tomorrow I promise to call all the proper authorities and notify them of my find. Of course, by then my children will have named it and given it a new collar.
*again with the sigh*

But it is cute, you must admit.

Nov 5, 2007

William posed for me so he could show off his new haircut. It is definitely bed time.

I told you so.....I do have a bus. Ok, 'have' is a strong word. I drive a bus. It isn't even airconditioned or anything,(which, up until very recently was a HUGE issue for me.) It does have a radio, which is pointless since the noise level is not conducive for listening enjoyment.
I have even included some shots of actual students,(whose
names have not been changed to protect the innocent...oh, they aren't so innocent anyway.....) We have a good time. For the most part. There are no gleeful renditions of, 'The Wheels on the Bus' or anything like that, but as long as we don't have any more fights, (throat clearing and eyebrow raising....hint, hint) things should be hunky-dory the rest of the year. My BFF KimmyKay said she had read an article about the 'Bus Driver of the Year' and how each day on that bus had a different theme and the students would sing along with the radio and the students all loved and respected their driver.....*sigh*.

On another note, I am headed to a workshop tomorrow on 'Alternative Assessment.' I will give you the gory details tomorrow!

Hugs to all!

Nov 4, 2007

Wow, so it is like 10:36pm but my body is telling me that it is 11:36pm. Work tomorrow is going to bite.....especially since we had last Thursday and Friday off. Throw in a time change and it won't be pretty.
I think I will take my camera to the bus shop tomorrow morning at 6:30am (when my body is thinking it is 5:30am...or is it 7:30am? I am so confused....) so I can photograph my fine piece of public school transportation. I might even take some candid shots of the well behaved, saint-like children I am so lucky to be able to transport. (oh, wait a minute.....I don't drive THAT route.)
I spent today helping one of my dear friends Jessica, clean out her kids' play room. We already re-arranged her living room earlier in the week so today's task was not unlike 'Project Organization,' without the cameras, professional help, oh and yeah, without any budget. But hey, I kinda thrive on organizing stuff. If only I could make a living doing that.
Here in Arkansas, the weather is taunting us as ususal. Tomorrow's hi is supposed to reach 81 degrees. What is that all about? November 5th and 80's. It is days like these that make me want to move to Minneapolis and live with my husband's mother's family. At least they get to wear wool sweaters without sweating.....

Well, I have posted another day.......Hugs for now.

Nov 3, 2007

I suppose that if I do not put a picture up today, I will be chastised severely.
Today, I did the unthinkable.....the unimaginable.......almost unforgivable........I spent almost the entire day in pajamas. I know, you are thinking, 'not you, no way!'
But seriously, what a relaxing day. I woke up around 7 and ate some breakfast, visited with the fam and then went to make up the bed. When I got to my room, the bed, it called me. It beckoned me with its puffy down comforter and high density thread count sheets. And then it happened. I climbed back in......and stayed for a few more hours. *sigh of contentment* Of course, none of that would have been possible had my loving husband not taken charge of the little ones and ushered them out of the house so my rest could be complete. Ahhh, blessed Saturday. Thank you!