Nov 5, 2007

I told you so.....I do have a bus. Ok, 'have' is a strong word. I drive a bus. It isn't even airconditioned or anything,(which, up until very recently was a HUGE issue for me.) It does have a radio, which is pointless since the noise level is not conducive for listening enjoyment.
I have even included some shots of actual students,(whose
names have not been changed to protect the innocent...oh, they aren't so innocent anyway.....) We have a good time. For the most part. There are no gleeful renditions of, 'The Wheels on the Bus' or anything like that, but as long as we don't have any more fights, (throat clearing and eyebrow raising....hint, hint) things should be hunky-dory the rest of the year. My BFF KimmyKay said she had read an article about the 'Bus Driver of the Year' and how each day on that bus had a different theme and the students would sing along with the radio and the students all loved and respected their driver.....*sigh*.

On another note, I am headed to a workshop tomorrow on 'Alternative Assessment.' I will give you the gory details tomorrow!

Hugs to all!

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