Nov 3, 2007

I suppose that if I do not put a picture up today, I will be chastised severely.
Today, I did the unthinkable.....the unimaginable.......almost unforgivable........I spent almost the entire day in pajamas. I know, you are thinking, 'not you, no way!'
But seriously, what a relaxing day. I woke up around 7 and ate some breakfast, visited with the fam and then went to make up the bed. When I got to my room, the bed, it called me. It beckoned me with its puffy down comforter and high density thread count sheets. And then it happened. I climbed back in......and stayed for a few more hours. *sigh of contentment* Of course, none of that would have been possible had my loving husband not taken charge of the little ones and ushered them out of the house so my rest could be complete. Ahhh, blessed Saturday. Thank you!

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