Nov 10, 2007

Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday. It is easy to remember as it is on Veteran's Day. I am planning on going over to his house to help him work in his yard. I think that will be more valuable than any gift I could purchase. He works way too hard. I thought that when you retired, you were allowed to relax. He still doesn't have the hang of relaxing yet. He and my mom are both constantly on the move. I hope that when I am their age, I have at least half of the energy that they do.

I am still working on the video additions, so be patient as I am working out the kinks. I do, however, know how to add pictures. Here are a couple of the kiddos!

This is Will and Charlotte. Best Friends Forever in Arizona this past summer.

Here Is Sophie and her big, sweet eyes.

And last, but certainly not least, is Ry.

Have a great evening!

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Kimmykay said...

Woo-hoo! Pictures. Charlotte is so excited about seeing Will. (maybe I'm a little excited to see you too... smooch)