Aug 1, 2006

So, Summer is almost over. Only 3 weeks until school starts; 2 weeks til inservice......... I think I will cry.

I have decided to publish some of the photos from this past year. ( Ryane's birthday pics from February and Easter Egg Hunts and various and asundry other items.) I apologize for the delay. My new goal this school year is to post at least weekly. We shall see how well that all works out.

Right now we are trying to adapt to our new addition. Yes, Sophia Kay Shuff arrived, (rather quickly, but that is a whole other post) on June 30, 2006. We love Sophie, or 'Kopey' as Will says. However, we have had to adapt to sleep deprivation (again) and meals on the run between feedings! Adaptation is a family ordeal as well. Will is adapting from losing his place as Momma's baby and moving to his new role as the 'middle child'. Ryane is adapting to yet another baby in her life. She ought to be an old hand at this as she has Will and Keegan under her big sister belt already! Of course, she is going to Middle School in a few short weeks and that will be yet another transition she will undergo. Bob is trying to be patient as my hormone levels return to a 'normal' state and my emotions even out with the reality of WORK on the horizon.

Will and Sophie start Day Care next week as a 'trial' week, although if there are problems, I am not sure what we will do since there are no other options in this town. I am already tear-y eyed and guilt ridden thinking about putting them both in Day Care. Why do moms always feel such guilt?

I am returning to a less than pleasant job, but at least I will not be the new one on campus this year. It certainly couldn't be any worse than last year, could it?
I will keep you posted.

I guess this will be an interesting year.

Wish me luck.

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Kimmykay said...

Woo-Hoo!! Words to read. Although I love the pictures. "Kopey" is such a sweetie. Love all the updates.

For the job, keep reminding yourself that you are there for the kids. You are great with them and for them!