Nov 11, 2007

A funny thing happened today.

My Father-in-law took two of our kittens a couple of months ago. He had the kittens neutered and declawed and they lived the life of luxury. However, being the kittens that they were, they tended to play alot when he was at work and consequently broke several different things, one of those being a very expensive camera lens. Whoops. Well, then the kittens were banished to the backyard. We were over there last weekend and he told us this sad tale. Unfortunately, one of the kittens had decided that the yard was not for him and so he moved on.
Here is the funny part.
My good friend Jessica has a new cat. A friend of her Mother-in-law's found this spectacular cat that just had to be someone's pet as it was already neutered and declawed. They just happened to find the cat wandering over in the neighborhood of my Father-in-law. They were all worried that someone had lost their dear pet. *throat clearing*

I told her she could have saved a lot of heartache if she had just taken a kitten to begin with. (however, she managed to get the better deal as the cat has already had alterations!)


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Kimmykay said...

Ok, now that is funny! And the other cat is ok???